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Introduction to VCM advantages

Sep 08,/2022

VCM covering-film sheet is made of stainless steel sheet,also known as color laminated board.
Let’s briefly introduce its advantages.
1.Surface is glossy and smooth,can design different styles of patterns and colors.So the price will be higher than that of other steel plates.It is often used as a refrigerator panel because of its unique performance.
2.It is compounded by high-temperature pressing.It has high density, high strength and good toughness.Compared with wood, it has high static bending strength.
3.Wide width, and fewer joints.Compared with aluminum steel formwork, the dismantling speed is much faster.Meanwhile, the construction cost is low, and the construction period can be effectively shortened.In addition, this material is light in weight.
4.It has strong water resistance.During the manufacturing process,each layer of the product is made of phenolic resin,then hot press molding,so the panel is not easy to deform after use.

The VCM stainless steel sheets are always been used in household appliances,such as refrigerator door,washing machine panels,air conditioner panels,water heater outer shell,microwave oven panels,disinfection cabinets, TV front frames and back planes; Metal ceiling, furniture, wine cabinet, cupboard, fire door panel, sliding door panel, interior wall of purification system, elevator decoration and other decorative fields; automobile, ship interior decoration and aviation and other transportation equipment fields.

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